Methenolone enanthate : instruction

Primobolan / methenolone enanthate (or simply “Prima”) is considered one of the most weak, soft and versatile steroids. Used to set weight, grinding the relief and improve speed and power indicators. In minimally suppresses sexual arc, in the recommended doses does not affect the libido. The estradiol is not converted, the muscle does not fill with water. It gives a slow, but steady and very high quality muscle growth. Perfect for people who make their first steps in the sport pharmacology. Actively used and veterans of the iron in the world.

Primobolan: instruction for amateur athletes

Those wishing to buy Primobolan, guide will help you understand, it is suitable to solve the current problems of training, or better to choose another drug. First of all, we should be prepared for the lack of rapid growth in weight and volume. To build up the pace with giant meat is better to take testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone or methandrostenolone.

The steroid Primobolan has a mild anabolic effects. The results are visible to the quad-fifth week of the course, the mass is growing slowly. But as you know, slow and steady wins – on going. Methenolone provides a stable and very high-quality growth. Fluid retention in the muscle is minimal. The increase is due to the volume of fiber hypertrophy and protein synthesis. Gain weight very easy to keep, after the rollback rate is minimal. In this respect, methenolone is considered one of the best steroids.

The lack of water retention on the course can be successfully used in the schemes methenolone drying and rendering relief. Left on Primobolan reviews show that it is perfectly keeps the muscles during hard low-calorie diets. Thanks to this feature a steroid widely used by professional bodybuilders in preparation for the charge to go on stage.

Experts often recommend to buy Primobolan representatives of the sports disciplines that require strength and endurance (athletics, swimming, cycling, martial arts). Primobolan The course gives a noticeable increase in speed and explosive power, which helps to take a step forward for those who reached the ceiling of genetic features.

Sum up the key advantages of steroid Primobolan:

  • qualitative muscle growth due to hypertrophy, but not hydration;
  • minimum pullback;
  • increase in speed and power performance;
  • Reliable protection of muscles during the drying cycle and grinding relief.

The relative lack of steroid Primobolan – price, an excellent safety profile but tips the scales in favor of buying. Methenolone is not converted to estradiol, there is no risk of gynecomastia. Inhibition is expressed sexual arc slightly, much less than other AAS. Depot PrimobolanĀ® no effect on the lipid profile (cholesterol) and raise blood pressure.

456How to take Primobolan solo?

Solo Primobolan course – the perfect choice for exploring the hormonal preparations. If you can afford to buy Primobolan, do not look for other options for the first anabolic course. The optimal dose ranges from 400 to 800 mg / week. The first year is reasonable to stay on the lower end of the range. Putting injection is necessary once a week in the buttocks. The cycle time of 6 to 12 weeks. PCT should begin in 2-2.5 weeks.

Primobolan solo popular among hobbyists and beginners who want to open new horizons of opportunity. Suitable solo course for the development of power performance. Bodybuilders often use Primobolan solo as an intermediate rate between the reducing heavy androgenic schemes in order to maintain muscle mass.


Primobolan: dosage in combined courses

Primobolan is universal. It is used in combination courses on the weight, strength, and a relief, since it increases the efficiency of other steroids and allows the use of smaller doses. A good choice for drying – Primobolan Winstrol. In massonabornyh methenolone courses combined with testosterone, Sustanon, trenbolone, oxymetholone or methandrostenolone. There are other options with Primobolan, the dosage which should be 400-600 mg.